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Greeters is a ministry that serves as the "gateway" from the world into the service.  Greeters exemplify God's heart for his people by creating an initial atmosphere of welcome for all who come to experience the " Good News" of the Kingdom at GC3. 

Kingdom Kidz
This ministry is an umbrella of different ministry groups that serves children from 5 - 19 years of age. Providing all youth with opportunities to learn more about God and to serve him through  various avenues. 
This ministry and its importance is to welcome members and visitors to service, while maintaining the order of service in order to give the correct reverance of worship and praises unto God. 
Women's Ministry
Women's Bible Study and opportunity of fellowship and serving that helps women of all ages to become more fully devoted followers of Christ. 
Outreach Ministry
Outreach is the opportunity to serve the comunity and to those who are in need. This opportunity allows us to "Love Out Loud," to show Christ to others. 
Men's Ministry
Men's Bible Study is a place for all men to be equipped, encouraged and connected to God's word
Mothers In Action (M. I. A.)
Mothers of all ages can support one another with biblical wisdom while serving other women in various fellowship opportunities. Mothers in Action mentor and volunteer at locol schools. 
Music Ministry
This ministry is responsible for ushering and preparing the hearts and minds of members and guests as we worship.  Music ministry encourages, uplifts, and comforts  through music, drama, and arts. 
 To encourage and uplift is this ministry primary focus.  Sharing Christ's love in the time of despair, grief and sickness.  Through acts of kindness, songs of praise, and prayers of comfort, Christ's love is shown. 
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